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Contact South West Web Marketing The Top 6 (Not So Obvious) Tips For Using LinkedIn

Make sure your profile is complete, import your address book, join relevant LinkedIn Groups.. Or..

If you read any article on how to use LinkedIn to grow your business you will find all the tips are the same. Make sure your profile is complete, import your address book, join relevant LinkedIn Groups, make a company page and you should engage softly with prospects.. and so on! These tips are all fine, but follow them and you will only be scratching the surface of what LinkedIn is capable of.


Here are some tips for LinkedIn that are not often published, we think could make all the difference to finding new and loyal customers and expanding your Social Network.

1. It’s okay to invite people to connect who you don’t know.. make sure you add value.
Most people will tell you that that your network on LinkedIn should only be people that you know and have worked with. That might have been true 5 years ago but is no longer the case. Accept connections from many people you don’t know and you will rarely have a bad experience. If you want to make a new connection make sure you are not connecting for selfish reasons though. If you connect and then jump straight in with a hard sell email you will get just as poor a response as if you put in a cold call or started tweeting hard sell messages at them. Interruption marketing is out on LinkedIn just as it is out everywhere else. If you can’t add value with something independently useful that is NOT your actual product then leave them alone.

2. You can download a CSV of all your connections
Not many people know that you can do this but it is very simple to do. Just go to the connections tab and click on the settings icon and you can download a file of all your connections names, job titles and email addresses. Again, interruption marketing is out so don’t use this list to hard sell your product or service. Also be aware that more than half your contacts will be using their personal email address on LinkedIn so be vigilant not to send business messages to their personal inbox. Since these people are your connections it is okay to download their details, but it is definitely not okay to pass these details onto anyone else.

3. Publishing within LinkedIn is Important.. Very!
Most people know that sharing content on your LinkedIn wall and within Groups is a great way for people to discover your content and find their way to your website. Most people also know that people get bored if you just blast out your own content so make sure you post interesting articles from other people that you think your target audience will also enjoy. Now you can also publish within LinkedIn itself, meaning that when you publish, it will have a URL beginning with: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ The reason why publishing here important is ‘LinkedIn Channels.’ If your article gets featured in a LinkedIn Channel your content can get real traction very quickly. Channels on LinkedIn can have millions of followers so if you are featured your content can have tens of thousands of views in a matter of days. People can also start following you meaning you can become an LinkedIn influencer.

4. Sponsored Posts can deliver many visitors to your website
There are 2 primary ways you can pay to promote your business on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Advertising and Sponsored Posts. ‘LinkedIn Ads’ is self-service advertising that allows you to create and place ads on pages on the www.linkedin.com website. From my experience these ads are expensive and not very successful. Sponsored posts on the other hand can be successful especially if the content in your post is compelling, targeted and useful. A sponsored post is something that you have posted to your LinkedIn company page that you then promote so that it appears on the feed/wall of your intended audience. It clearly shows that it is sponsored and is not a post from one of your connections, but provided the post is of good quality it can get many clicks cost effectively. It is worth trialling Sponsored Posts with a small budget to test what kind of targeting and content gets you the best results. As with all marketing activity, be sure to plan what outcome you expect from your budget before you start.

5. LinkedIn is not Facebook so don’t be frivolous and childish
We all love photos of cute pets, funny faces and inspirational quotes but be careful what you post to LinkedIn because it can reflect badly on you and the company you are representing. Your LinkedIn wall doesn’t have to be bland but choose what you post carefully because you may have a connection who is considering you as one of several suppliers and that ill timed post or even ‘like’ (which is also seen by your connections) could put them off. Try and be professional but we all like to smile.

6. Treat LinkedIn like all other forms of Marketing
Treat it like any other form of marketing that you do and get clued up on the latest trends. People don’t want to be interrupted so try your best to be ‘discovered’ on LinkedIn. Read up on Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing and apply these strategies to this network. There are plenty of people acting like hard sell 1980’s sales reps on LinkedIn so be wise and don’t become one of them.

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