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Contact South West Web Marketing Top Online Business Directories For SEO

One of the many benefits of submitting your business name to a major business directory is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Directory submission ensures visibility for all types of companies, communities and associaions, whether large or small, local or national. It is true that a lot of consumers usually go to search engines such as Google to look for information on services and businesses in their area. However, if an entrepreneur lists their business in a good business directory, it will definitely find its way to the top of these search engines. This will enable them to drive more and relevant traffic to their business website. More importantly is that these top online directories will have links to the business website, and this will help the business to rank highly in most organic searches.

When you look for the best online business directories, it is important to consider the amount of traffic that these sites receive. Their size of the listing itself is important as well. Improving the presence of a company on such listings can help the owner to be more exposed, and this will boost their search engine optimization and visibility. Here are some of the best online business listing for SEO (we think...):

Google+ Local - This was originally referred to as Google Places. Google is one of the most popular websites in the world. People who would like to rank highly on this major search engine will succeed if they list their business on this platform.

LinkedIn - Though this site is also a networking platform, it can help a lot of entrepreneurs who want to increase traffic to their website. It allows the business owner to include a profile of themselves and of their company as well as contact information, location and a link to their website. Lot's of new services available as well, such as publishing your articles and having your customers recommend you for skillsets.

Yellowpages.com - Yellow pages has been in the directory business for decades. It is one of the most popular traditional directory. However, as the internet became more popular, this listings also delved into online directories. It is very popular, and a company owner who includes their business in this listing is sure to get a lot of traffic and increased rankings in search engines. But beware - start small and do not throw your whole marketing budget at this.

Applegate - Applegate.co.uk is also very popular, especially because of the many reviews that business can get from real life customers. It is one of the best places to list your website if you are interested in what your clients think of your products and services.

Yahoo Local - This is another directory that can be very beneficial for any firm that would like to improve its search engine rankings. It has a lot of traffic, and it is known for its size. A lot of would-be customers go to this site whenever they are looking for a service provider in their area.

Angieslist - This directory has risen through the ranks, and it has become famous for providing unbiased and objective recommendations and reviews about the various businesses. It has a lot of information on different companies in different areas, and this has made it one of the best places to list a company.

And last but by no means least..

Finda.directory - This is our new B2B and B2C business directory built exclusively for mobile and tablet. We have built this as a directory management system that can be white labelled for local authorities, business associations and communities. We are still in Beta at the moment but maybe well worth a look as we are showing over 10 million entries in Google so far. Come and see if your on the directory! http://finda.directory

These directories will have the most influence on your business’ SEO efforts. Therefore, any company that includes its profile in these directories will definitely get higher rankings and better organic traffic.

For more details email helpme@finda.directory

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