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Contact South West Web Marketing The Importance Of Business Directory Listings

Having your business listing in as many business directories is important for your Google Places ranking and it also helps with local SEO.

What’s also important is having your business listed consistently in these directories. Having the name, address and phone number listed the same will ensure Google knows your business and it’s address. Any variation and Google with get confused. As smart as Google is, if it sees your business listed with different names, addresses and phone numbers, it will start thinking there each of those is a different business and in worst case may list accordingly and that will hurt your Google Places Page ranking.

How can you make sure you’re business listings are consistent?

Go Google Yourself...... It's that simple.

Remember a few years back when people would Google themselves to see what would come up? Well, you have to do the same. But for your business of course. It’s boring and slow work but simply Google your business name. Then you will see if it show's in directories like Yellow Pages, Manta, Yelp, Foursquare and others.

Double check the business info is correct and up to date. If it’s not, each directory will give you the option to update the information. Some take longer than others. So make notes in a spread sheet to follow up in two weeks to see if the info was changed - if not then chase up.. it's important! Secondly and just as important make sure your not simply copy and pasting content one from directory to another - this is "duplicate content" and is a no-no as far as Google is concerned. Run your keywords through the Google Key Words Tool - use different phrases for different directories. But remember keep a track of what you use. Since Google changed its last algorythm SERPs is basically dead but its still good to know what search terms work best and what are the money terms.

It's All About You So Take Ownership

So while you’re doing this checking, see if there is an option to claim, manage or take ownership of your business listing. In a lot of cases you will not have submitted your business to these directories, they would have just added it themselves. Take a look at our new business directory - http://finda.directory - search for you business. Please bare in mind we are in beta for this but this is basically what you must do.

Document It....

Taking ownership will save you work if you ever have to move or change phone numbers. Keep a spreadsheet with each listing and the user name and password to sign in. This way if you do change addresses, you can log in and do it yourself. It’s good to have all of your listings documented anyways. This is something we do for our clients then send them the information when we finish. We believe they should have full control over all their listings.

So there you have it. Be consistent, take ownership and document your businesses directory listings on the web. This way you can help your Google Places listing and local SEO in the process.

For more details email helpme@finda.directory

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