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Contact South West Web MarketingOnline Business Directories - The Next Big Thing For Advertising Agencies?

Online Business Directories: Are These The Next Big Media Vehicle for Advertising Agencies?

As many publishers are scrambling to transition their publication to an online format, or at the very least offer a digital version of their publication, something should be said for the changes that we’re undergoing in the way we search, find and gather information.

Saying that the world is moving more and more online is nothing prolific or a surprise to us all, it’s been in the forefront for the last fifteen or so years. But to think the print industry, dominated by paper-back books, grocery store gossip glossy magazines and blockbuster papers like the Times and Guardian, are re-inventing the wheel does makes one wonder what bigger impact this might be having on all of us.

These publications set the standard on where and how people got their information. Need to find a business, open the yellow pages; want news, pick up the Times or Daily Mail. The yellow pages, perhaps one of the most staple print publications in circulation today has now firmly planted its’ feet in the sand as a primarily an online information source. News aggregators like Digg and Reddit have changed the way we read our daily news. Where we used to browse several news sources to get different stories, the aggregators pull together the best content from hundreds of news sources and providers. This isn’t just the industry moving from print to online. The online world is embracing new mediums for publishing information, one of those being online directories and business portals.

When you get down to it, we’re changing the way we search for and gather information and more importantly, we as the consumers, buyers or readers are becoming more demanding when it comes to the way we access information. We expect our data to be compiled, aggregated and presented in the most user friendly and time efficient fashion possible and for many companies out there, there’s lots of catching up to do.

The pace of these changes will have several major implications for Web Designers, Developers and even Advertising Agencies that offer those services. To date, over 21% of www.barnstapletowncentre.co.uk and our new directory http://finda.directory business comes from Advertising Agencies or Web Design/Developers. More and more companies are relying on ad agencies and interactive designers to develop blogs, networking sites and directories that provide easily accessible and centralized data.

Online Yellow pages, town and city guides, local search, business directories, service and product directories – are all becoming more popular tools for businesses to develop and publish their content. Simply put, the ability to develop and design online directories is becoming yet another tool in the belt of agencies that stay on top of new media and technology.

Twelve years ago there weren’t many companies developing sites in Flash. Today, you’d question their ability if they didn’t have a designer inhouse with that capability. At that same time banners were 728x90 leaderboards, sky scrapers or boxes, today there’s prestitials, interstitials and peel backs.

The most successful advertising agencies are those that can keep up with the direction of online media. Given the current rave around SEO and SEM, and an online directory’s ability to account for great success in both of these arenas, electronic directories may very well be a primary advertising vehicle for most businesses now and in the near future.

There is, however, another opportunity for Ad Agencies and Web Designers to develop directories themselves and put into place an additional, and substantial revenue stream.

When it comes to the client base of agencies we’ve worked with in the past, we’ve found they can be categorized into one of these three groups. In the first scenario, the agency’s customers consist mostly of local, small companies as the agency themselves are small also. If the agency or design company is located in Barnstaple North Devon, most of their clients are stores, shops or businesses within North Devon.

The second type of organization we’ve worked with has a strong industry focus. For instance, some agencies only work with Pharma or Biotech companies, or another client of ours, for example only works with retail companies while the remaining group has no limitations, geographically or otherwise on their client base.

For companies whose scope is more limited, directories often offer your clients an excellent arena for marketing. If an agency caters more to local businesses, a city or town guide, or local search directory provides an enticing and powerful advertising vehicle to your client. For example, if you’re doing a website for Fannys Farm Shop in Barnstaple North Devon, it would be a lucrative opportunity to also offer "Fanny" advertising space on www.barnstapletowncentre.co.uk and http://finda.directory.

This does provide a more holistic and complete service to your client to help establish their presence on the internet and helps their business gain enhanced visibility to prospective those customers. The more local clients that you serve locally, the more powerful an offering a local search directory becomes. You don’t have to serve local businesses to effectively leverage a directory for your customers.

As you learn more about marketing an online directory, you’ll learn that a narrow, niche focus accounts for sites that are the most successful and profitable. Agencies that only concentrate, for example, in life sciences or software solutions have a highly targeted client base. Developing a directory of different CRO (contract research organization) services for biotech companies makes for a great addition to any campaign the agency is working on the client with. Alternatively, a product directory such as www.applegate.co.uk, where an organization can list and promote their customers’ products provide unparalleled visibility for their software and services.

A site like Capterra is regarded as the Kelly Blue Book for businesses shopping for software. If, as an interactive agency, your business has a niche focus and limits its’ services to a select group of companies, leverage the narrow focus and industry knowledge to develop product directories or service directories. This provides not only a valuable resource to your advertiser, but it also opens up another stream of recurring revenue for your organization.

For more details email helpme@finda.directory

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