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Contact South West Web Marketing 7 Social Media Networking Apps Changing Your Network And Online Dating Sites

Top networking apps that are changing how we all network our dating platforms in 2015 and beyond

Social Media for Online Dating and White Label Dating

With platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn establishing themselves as part of our modern online culture, it's fairly safe to say that we are now deeply rooted in the age of online social interaction. However, as the social networking marketplace continues to grow, thrive and evolve, a number of new apps have hit the online market, and they are completely changing the way people approach social networking for elite singles dating sites.

Top networking apps that are changing how we all network our dating platforms in 2015 and beyond


This free mobile phone app shows you thousands of events happening in your metro area. You enter the sorts of events that you're interested in and Happening's activity feed tailors all events to those interests - dating, speed dating etc. The app offers integration with Uber for extra convenience, and you can get deals for different events. This app is very young and currently only supports Boston, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and San Francisco, but more areas are sure to be added in the future and we should see this role out of the UK and Europe very soon.


Pozify is simple: to put a more positive spin on the social networking experience. Using the "mPoints" system, the app rewards users for creating and spreading valuable and positive information to the masses. Pozify wants to bring more positive stories to the forefront of social media and to help connect individuals based on the content that they share, rather than just facilitating connections between previously existing friends and acquaintances. Plus with the mPoints system, users have the opportunity to earn rewards and prizes just for networking. Imagine using this social media app to enable traffic to your dating site.


This mobile-only app bills itself as a way to find the right people to network with. The app gives you a selection of new people that you can actually meet in real life. You tell the app who your most trusted professional connections are, and it makes recommendations based on those selections. Similar to Tinder, you choose who you want to meet with a swipe, and the app helps facilitate a time and place for you to meet with other local professionals.


If you want to connect with people based on your likes and interests instead of just on your mutual friends, then Pinterest is the app for you. You can search and post anything from fashion outfits to hairstyles, DIY projects and anything in between and pin it on your own boards. From there, other users can re-pin your pictures, comment or send messages to you as a way to connect over your shared likes.


The new social networking startup Bubblews allows users to connect with and follow other people based on tiny bubbles that they make with quotes, statuses, statements and pictures. The big twist for this site is that the company actually pays users who attract traffic and advertisers.


If you want to meet new people in your area (whether you are looking for friends, singles or something more), there is an app called Hinge that helps expand your social networking experience while still keeping your connections relatively personal. This app is marketed as a "safer" alternative to sites like Tinder, which lets you meet random individuals in your area. Instead, Hinge connects you with friends of friends based on your Facebook profile, so you can reach out to someone who you have a mutual acquaintance with.


Medium is a mixture between a social networking site and a microblogging platform. This site launched as a way for people to connect over the stories or ideas that they publish. Users can like the works of others, create networks and follow certain users, but the entire process of connecting with one another is based on the stories, articles or ideas that you post - so you need to be at least blogging for this one to be any use.

With apps like these, those who love connecting with others online can find new and exciting ways to keep the process of social networking fresh and exciting as they continue to reach out and connect with friends and strangers from all over the social media world.