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Ello Ello - What's this Ello and why should I care about it?

Depending on how much time you've spend online in the past week, you might have seen people shouting the phrase "Ello" around on various websites and social media platforms. This is not some new fangled-greeting or a call for an online cockney chimney-sweep convention. No - Ello is a new social media platform and one that seems to be gathering a lot of interest in a short period of time.

So for those of you who haven't signed on to Ello yet and are wondering what all the fuss is about, here's a hopefully helpful guide:

So what is Ello? Ello is a new social networking site, based in Burlington, Vt., that is a little similar in design and build to both Facebook and Twitter.

So why should I use Ello instead of Twitter or Facebook? Ello's big selling point is that it's ad-free (at the moment). It also promises not to sell any of your important data about users to third parties, as most social networks do this these days. As the site's FAQ page states:

"We built Ello because virtually all the other social networks were cluttered, ugly, and full of ads. We began to feel manipulated by the networks themselves -- many of our posts were never seen by our friends at all, because ads had taken priority." Welcome to the revenue based world my friend!

How does Ello work? Ello features a minimalist,clean, no-frills design that operates in very close fashion to other social media platforms. And as with Facebook, Ello users get to create a profile from which they can then post comments and images as well as links to video and audio files. Users can also find and follow friends and other interesting bods using the search bar. You then view other people's posts in the "Friends" stream. If there's a user that you might want to follow but don't consider a friend, you can file him or her under the strangely titled "Noise" stream, which features a more compressed Tumblr-like layout.

Why am I hearing so much "noise" about Ello at the moment? A large part of the reason is that many Facebook users are frustrated with the constant ads and are concerned over major privacy issues and are looking for a better alternative. Facebook recently caught a lot of negative publicity, especially in the LGBT community, when a number of drag performers found their profiles deactivated because they weren't going by their "real names."

Basically, more and more people don't trust Facebook and Ello seems like a reasonable alternative. For the moment anyway.

But what's the downside? Ello is currently in beta form, meaning it's still a work in progress. There's a lot of important features it's missing so far. You can't for example, repost or share a link or post you like. You can't search by content. You can't like or favorite other people's posts either. And there's no downloadable app for smartphones yet (this I feel a massive downside). Many of these features are being worked on, however, and should be available in future iterations.

Also, it should be remembered that there is no privacy on Ello. Everything you post on the site is public...be warned!

Does Ello cost anything to use? No, it's a free service.

If it's free and they won't sell ads, how are they going to make any money? Good question. The company says they plan to offer "special features" down the road that you'll want to pay for, like the ability to manage multiple accounts, but other than that it's a huge question mark. Ello is currently being funded by venture capital, and those investors are going to want a return at some point so I feel maybe a lot of what makes this unique will gradually disapear.

How do I get on Ello? Ello is by invite only at the present. In order to join you get an invite from someone using the service. No doubt that sense of exclusivity is part of its current appeal.

Is Ello really here to stay or is this just the latest big thing that will fade away into obscurity after a month or so?

It's dificult to say really. Ello is still in its infancy, but so far it's managed to generate enough interest to push it above the flock of Facebook wanna-be's. If the site repair the bugs and offer features that users genuinely crave in a social media platform such as mobile apps, then it could be a contender. If not, then expect to be saying "Hey, remember Ello?" in a year's time..... Who?

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